What We Do

Web Design & Development

All of our digital and web design projects are made to order based on your individual requirements. We create custom Websites from the ground up from informational sites to complex e-commerce productions. We can integrate responsive Web development so that your Website can be seen on every device. All of our websites are built using our Content Management system making it easy for you to keep your website updated. Although we use a common core system for efficiency, each website is custom tailored for each client, ensuring that you get the exact control over your website’s content.

Digital Strategy

Creating and implementing a digital strategy is all about looking at the big picture. At Intellivine, to ensure that your digital campaign is successful, we find out what your end goals are and we work backwards from there. We look at your intended audience and find out what makes them tick. We then tailor your strategy to attract them and engage them with your business. This strategy has been proven to attract and create loyal, repeat customers – and we all know that loyal, repeat customers are what every business is looking for.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is a buzzword that encompasses many different marketing disciplines. It is largely understood to be the management of digital paid search media. Our Digital Marketing team is Google Certified and has experience managing advertising on Google, BING, Facebook & Linkedin networks.

Search Engine Optimization

Let’s imagine that you have seemingly the perfect online business… one with an attractive, easy to navigate and informative website, and that offers the most in-demand products or services. But does anybody even know about your site?

Social Media Management

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest have changed the face of brand building and customer service in just a few short years. To help you engage with your customers on a more personal level, Intellivine has developed some extremely simple ways of helping you integrate and update information on your website and publish it directly to your social media platform. We can build and create your business social pages and seamless integrate them to your website. We also provide managed services which helps you concentrate on your business.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing can play an integral role in your business’ customer acquisition strategy. When deployed with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, it can contribute to both sales and marketing objectives. Our team can custom build an email marketing solution that fits your specific need.

Brand Strategy

This is the strategy, the know-how and the vision to create a look and feel that brings your company to life. How do you want to be perceived? What impression do you want to make on your target market? The quality of your brand sets you apart from your competition. Executed well, your brand brings out your unique, distinguishing features and appeals to your target market to do business with you, not with them.

Marketing Strategy

An effective marketing strategy is one that delivers the targets you set for your organization. We work with you to identify the right approach and the right tools to deliver effective marketing solutions and achieve healthy returns on investment. Whether it’s off or online, a one-off campaign, growing sales, launching a new product, overhauling your whole strategic approach we can help. We help our clients develop their own unique identity and voice through strategic positioning, print collateral and consistent messaging across all marketing channels.

Graphic Design

Our work is designed to get you noticed by the right people. In an increasingly crowded communications environment, it is vital that you have a clear message and strategy to cut through the clutter and get you the results you want.

Corporate Identity

Intellivine can design and print your entire stationery range as well as all your marketing and promotional materials. From business cards to letterheads, envelopes or direct mail, we can create a corporate identity that suits your business and ensure the branding is carried across all your printed materials.